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Senior Section

Senior Section Adviser

I am your new Senior Section Advisor and I would like to know if anybody in our Senior Section, or Leaders and Commissioners have any specific ideas for a get together or training over the next few months; whether it is a support group meeting to exchange ideas, a formal training, or an event for the girls.

If you need any advice about any aspect of the Senior Section please get in touch with me. Contact details can be found in the County Directory.

Carol Bancroft


What do Rangers do?  Pretty much anything!

The members of a Ranger unit plan what they want to do both at their meetings and in the wider world. They make decisions for themselves, and organise the programme with the help of their Leader.

There are many opportunities, both at home and abroad, available for Rangers to meet with other like-minded young women, whether your interests are camping, performing arts, sport or community matters. You can also work towards awards and qualifications such as the Queen’s Guide Award and the Senior Section Permit.

Currently there are 13 Ranger units within Girlguiding Sheffield. If you would like to be a Ranger get in touch with your local District Commissioner to find out where the nearest unit is. If you are not sure who she is, or can’t find out, fill in the enquiry form and we will arrange for someone to get in touch with you.

Young Leaders

A Young Leader is aged 14 years or over, and she may help at Rainbow, Brownie or Guide units. She is also a member of the Senior Section and as such can take part in all Senior Section activities (locally, nationally or internationally!) and gain awards such as the Queen’s Guide and Commonwealth Awards.

The Young Leader Qualification is designed to help you take an active, positive part in running your unit. It is open to Senior Section members aged 14 to 16. The beauty of the YLQ is that it reflects much of what a prospective leader is asked to cover for the full adult Leadership Qualification, which you can start working on as soon as you turn 16.

If you would like to be a Young Leader get in touch with your local District Commissioner. If you are not sure who she is, or can’t find out, fill in the enquiry form and we will arrange for someone to get in touch with you.

Adult Members

You can be an Adult Leader or Unit Helper and still have opportunities to be involved in different types of guiding which are more like being a member of a unit than a leader. All of the opportunities and awards that are available to Rangers and Young Leaders are open to you too until you reach the age of 26.

If you are already an adult Leader or Unit Helper look out for Senior Section activities and opportunities locally, regionally and nationally in Guiding publications and websites. I shall also being including you in any e-mails I send out to the Senior Section.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Leader or Unit Helper please visit the Girlguiding UK website


Awards and Qualifications

Look Wider and the Chief Guide's Challenge

Look Wider is a personal development programme for Senior Section members. It’s a chance to challenge yourself and try new things. Even better, it’s a framework rather than a specific syllabus, so you can adapt it to fit you. The Chief Guide's Challenge is the second highest award that members can work towards in guiding, and it’s gained by completing phases 1 and 2 from all 8 octants of the Look Wider scheme.

To find out more about this Challenge and Look Wider refer to the Senior Section CD.

Queens Guide Award

The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award that can be achieved by members of Girlguiding, and is open to any members aged 16 to 25, so if you are an Adult Leader, Ranger, or Young Leader you can do the Award. You will have three years to complete the Award, so you could start whilst you are still at school and carry on whilst you are at Uni or start work, or you could wait until you have finished full time education.

It is based on the concepts of personal challenge and participation and is split into five sections: service in guiding, outdoor challenge, personal skill and development, community action, and residential experience. You'll need to find a mentor who can encourage you to get through the Award - someone in Guiding who knows you and is aware of what will be a challenge for you.

You can download the syllabus from the Senior Section area of the Girlguiding website.  If you decide that you would like to register to do the Award you should complete the registration form that can be obtained from the County Queen’s Guide Coordinator, Jo Taylor (details in County Directory).  When you start on the Award you will need the Queen’s Guide Award record book which you can buy for £3 from the Girlguiding online shop or from SCS Outdoors on Trippet Lane.

 If you have any queries or would like to find out more please get in touch with Jo Taylor.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

If you want to do the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme lots of things you do as a Senior Section member may also count towards
 the Award at bronze, silver or gold level, especially with the volunteering element if you are a Young Leader. At gold level you can link a lot of the elements to the Queen’s Guide Award.

If your school does not have a DofE group you should get in touch with the Sheffield Award Centre at  www.theawardsheffield.org

The Commonwealth Award

The Commonwealth Award gives you the opportunity to find out more about the history of guiding and the Commonwealth and involves challenges including service in your community, and two other options from a choice of eight.

Let the County Commissioner, Linda Grant, (details in County Directory) know when you are starting so she can arrange for you to be tested.

Senior Section Permit

If you enjoy camping and the outdoor aspect of Guiding you Ask your Ranger Unit Leader might like to gain the Senior or Young Leader Coordinator Section Permit so you and other (or District Commissioner) Senior Section members can go to help you make a start away overnight without a Leader. on gaining the permit.


What else can I do?

IN4MERS 4ward, 4 self, 4 others

4 is an exciting peer education initiative all about working 4ward, 4 self, 4 others.

The aim is to enable the development of skills, knowledge and understanding of girls and young women by creating opportunities for them to learn from each other.

Training weekends are held regularly in the Region and nationally, and you will learn how to run sessions for Guides and brownie units and other Senior Section groups on topics as wide ranging as binge drinking, disability awareness, world poverty & development and stress management.

To find out more get in touch with the County In4mers Adviser, Rosie O’Shea (details in County Directory)


Innovate is a national forum for Senior Section members aged over 16 to discuss and contribute to the direction of Girlguiding UK. Approximately every eight months about 150 members meet up to contribute their ideas in workshops designed to move Girlguiding UK forward. You'll get to meet lots of like-minded Senior Section members from all over the UK and get your voice heard in Girlguiding UK.

To find out when the next Innovate is, and where it’s going to be held, go to the  Senior Section pages of Girlguiding UK’s website

Be Vinspired

If you are aged 16-25 you may be interested in registering for Vinspired. It is an organisation that provides recognition for young people who are already involved in volunteering as well as being able to provide placement opportunities in the local community.
 There's a very straightforward form to register, and then volunteers log all the hours that they spend volunteering and gain certificates that are recognised by universities and some employers.

It would be worthwhile for any members in the Senior Section age group to register, and there are other opportunities available. Have a look at Vinspired’s website

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